I Have A Question

I'll get straight into it - Do you share your blog posts to your personal accounts where all the people who know you can easily read your blog? You see, I've been having an internal debate about this. I do understand that as writers, we write for people to read. And I've seen countless of… Continue reading I Have A Question

There will always be a pros and cons to everything

I've always though that i'm good at choosing people to be friends with. I'm blessed to be surrounded by genuine people who honestly supports me in everything that I do. I don't particularly have a lot of friends but I do like to be kept in a small circle where I can trust everyone. Some… Continue reading There will always be a pros and cons to everything

It’s all About the Little Things

Being good enough has always been one of the things that I've struggled with which is why I tried everything in my power to do things that I have never even thought of doing before.. but not necessarily the things that I actually dreamt of doing. Pretty stupid isn't it? Regardless, I wanted to push… Continue reading It’s all About the Little Things