We’ll Be Stars

They sayto wish upon a staris to dreamfor an illusion, the death of magic But I believeAll stars are grandcosmic explosionsbursting throughthe galaxy,to pass its light onto you Each night it shines in hopes for one day, gone will be our former selves we'll be held together by our own gravity,and illuminate the darkness with… Continue reading We’ll Be Stars

Love Is The Sixth Sense

I want it alllips that kisswith need and haste,flavor of loveand an after taste Eyes that seemy whole beingnude and nakedthe gentle soul, andthe soft curved vessela timeless art piece,never jaded Ears that listenevery whisper and gaspvalued thoughts,unspoken wordsall in depths of memorywith nothing passed Nose that smellTaking me all insighs and deep breaths,the scent… Continue reading Love Is The Sixth Sense

Why It’s Okay To Not Be Productive

I have made a list of things that I should learn while in quarantine as an attempt to stay productive. Needless to say, I haven't accomplished any of those things like most people are. I'll have to admit that I've been beating myself up about it. I mean, I've been trying to learn Photoshop and… Continue reading Why It’s Okay To Not Be Productive