People Change And Then They Grow Apart

Have you ever had a friend whom you've had a great relationship with until it wasn't anymore? I think I just experienced my first "falling out" with a friend who used to be very dear to me. This wasn't like the kind of experience when you were young and you just stopped being friends with… Continue reading People Change And Then They Grow Apart

What Love Is

I have always been scared of love. The thought of loving someone so deeply and have it not be reciprocated the same way is terrifying, that's why I built this wall around me. I didn't want to love someone more than what they could give me because I felt like I was losing. After all,… Continue reading What Love Is

There will always be a pros and cons to everything

I've always though that i'm good at choosing people to be friends with. I'm blessed to be surrounded by genuine people who honestly supports me in everything that I do. I don't particularly have a lot of friends but I do like to be kept in a small circle where I can trust everyone. Some… Continue reading There will always be a pros and cons to everything