How I Can Love Myself More: Project Self-Love #9

Learning to love yourself is such a weird and exhausting process. Everyone says that it is something that everyone should do but they leave you without any clear guidance.

Like how does one love themselves when there are so many things to fix?

I used to compare myself to people I admire whether they may be my outgoing friends or performers I’ve always looked up to. I would always see myself as someone lacking, that if I was a little more motivated or enthusiastic then maybe I can be someone I could be proud of.

Now that I’ve made progress with my journey to self-love, it took me awhile for me to realize that I wasn’t in any way broken. I used to think that self-love was something you can do after you’ve finally worked through all of the imperfections. But as it turns out, It’s all about accepting the current you and continuously falling in love with the person you can be.

Honestly, I think I am only halfway done with the acceptance and I still have long way to go. But still, progress is progress, right?

So how do I exactly love myself more?

Well to answer to answer this question, I think the only real way to do it is to keep going. I don’t have any idea where or what will happen but as long as I try I think I’ll be able to go somewhere.

Getting to know myself a little better everyday seems like a good place to start. With this, I think I’ll be one step closer to completely being my own person. Being a person only I can be and understanding who I really am and what I like can give me a sense of individuality, a kind of uniqueness I can learn to really like about myself.

Recently, I think I’m starting to know who I am a little better. I’ve come to accept that I have a really awkward personality at first but I can be really funny if I feel comfortable enough. I have an intimidating poker face but a beautiful smile. I like the color mint green. I like K-Pop, R&B and Pop… and many more.

The things I’ve mentioned just now sounds so trivial but I think determining little things about me is a start so that I can to put all the big and little pieces together to make up and fully see who I really am.

I used to think that going with the majority or liking what people want me to like is the way to go because it can make people like me and if they like me, I can like me. But now, I think I understand how it’s all about just being true to you and what you’re all about, and you’ll eventually attract like-minded people.

The way I see it there’s no real definite answer to how someone can love themselves but I think having the right time, effort, and patience with yourself is a good place to start and to be consistent at.

It’s all about the process after all.

This is my 9th entry for Project Self-Love. Thanks for reading! I hope you can challenge yourself to love yourself every day.

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