Life Update: Post-Coronavirus

Hello my dear readers! How have you been doing?

As some of you might know from my previous posts, my family and I tested positive for Covid-19 and got admitted to the quarantine facility. It has been such a difficult journey but now I am happy and relieved to tell all of you that we are all finally doing fine.

After we took our rapid test, we were finally discharged from the facility one by one but we were still required to do home quarantine for a week. My brother and I were the last among us to get home. Tita Peng cried when she saw us come in. She has been worried for everyone and herself for the whole month and kept it all in. I had to crack a few jokes to calm her down.

Right now, We’ve all finished our home quarantine period and haven’t had any symptoms for more than two weeks. Tita Peng is still required to have a check up at the hospital next week but she’s doing okay. Other than that, Our parents are all back to work while my brother and my cousins have started their online classes.

Still, We all sleep separately, keep our distance and wear masks inside our home but it doesn’t seem sad and scary anymore. We each have our own dishes and bathroom essentials to avoid sharing. We’re just trying to be cautious as much as possible. It’s a normal thing for us now. I can finally watch TV with my cousins at least.

As for me, I finally got two freelancing jobs and I had two of my articles published! I also applied for a volunteer job at a well-known online news website. I am hoping to get interviewed in the near future. Of course, I still want a full time job but I think i’m gonna have to build up my experience first.

I’ve been trying to get back on my healthy lifestyle and habits right before the corona thing went down. It’s just hard to do since I’ve gotten used to doing nothing during my stay at the quarantine facility. I managed to start working out again recently after stopping for one month. Needless to say, my whole body is in pain but I missed the feeling.

On the plus side, I’ve been learning how to cook since i’m the one who cooks for the family now. I think I’ve gotten even better than Tita Peng! hahaha!

All in all, I’ve learned a lot through this experience and I think it made me grow up a little bit. I had to carry my own weight and stand strong for the family. I couldn’t have them worry for me because we were all dealing with our own stuff.

I had to take responsibility of managing the household by cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry which seems so easy but is actually a lot of work especially when disinfecting is necessary. It’s difficult to take up responsibility but if I can ease my brother and my aunt’s worries and workload then it’s all worth it.

Though another thing I realized is damn it’s so hard to be a mom! Moms do these things while working? I don’t know how they do it but they deserve more credit!

Finally, Thank you to the people who wrote me well-wishes and included me and my family in their prayers! I apologize for not replying to each of you sooner and even disallowed the comments section in my posts. I wasn’t in a good head space at the time but I have read and appreciate all of your kind words!

I’m so glad that I can finally write this so that I can let go and move on from what happened. I’m just so thankful and lucky that all of us survived this. I am eternally grateful.

God is good, indeed.

Fun fact: the photo is taken from the place where I would usually loiter around inside the (2nd) facility. I stayed at room 5.

23 thoughts on “Life Update: Post-Coronavirus”

    1. Thank you, Stuart! I honestly think that having a healthy lifestyle pre-covid is what helped my family recover so we better keep at it! Stay safe and healthy! ☺️


    1. I appreciate your kind words and your support all this time ❤

      It has been a somewhat peaceful view but it's something I wish to see again hahaha! Thanks, anyway 🙂


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