Believing In A Miracle

I was still very anxious during the first few days of my stay inside the quarantine facility. Although most of my family are asymptomatic, I was mostly concerned about Ta Peng, who was admitted in the hospital because of pneumonia.

I felt restless thinking about her condition. The only thing that made me feel at ease was praying which I know is ironic considering my post earlier that month. My christian friend sent me a lot of novenas to pray so I figured I have nothing else to lose so why not? All I can do is hope.

Every night I would pray the novenas first and then i’d pray the rosary. I pray around 30 minutes and it would always help me relax enough to fall asleep.

One night after praying, I decided to watch a few Youtube videos and I saw this recommended video on my homepage:

I actually found it really bizarre that this was recommended to me since I’ve never watched videos like this before but I gave in to my curiosity and watched it.

Just like what it says on the thumbnail, the woman preached about the people who have received the message are three days away from their miracle. I was skeptical at first but as I watched, I slowly became convinced.

She believed in her message so much that it made me believe in it as well. One things that she said that left a mark on me was to earnestly ask the Lord for Him to be “real in my situation”. As I was scrolling through the comments, there were a lot of people sharing their miracle three days after watching the video.

I couldn’t help but wait for mine as well. I was honestly hoping and expecting for a miracle that I thought about it constantly.

Only after two days, my aunt, who was the first to get the coronavirus among us, was discharged from the quarantine facility, and Ta Peng has fully recovered from pneumonia and was transferred to another ward for patients who have a stable condition.

It definitely put me at ease and made me even more focused on my own recovery. After praying so hard for the past few days, I honestly felt that God has finally heard my prayers and that i’m finally started rebuilding my relationship with Him.

It feels good to be reconnected with my faith again. It made me realize that God will really be with me especially in times where I need Him the most. All I need is to believe and reach out to Him with all of my heart.

Most of all, with this experience I learned that I can’t just expect to be heard when I, myself, don’t try to listen. After all, a relationship is a two-way street. If I wanted God to give me His all, I had to do the same.

I still have a lot of things to fix and work on with my faith but this seems like a good start. Things have been crazy the past few weeks. My family and I went through many lows and we’re all still finding it hard to adjust and to go back to the way things were but I think we’re going to be okay from here.

Hello, my dear readers! I just wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes. I know that all of us are struggling in our own way. I hope you get to witness God’s presence in your situation the same way I did. God bless you all.

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