An Act Of Kindness I Will Never Forget

When the word got out that my family got tested for Covid-19, people in our neighborhood suddenly became overly cautious of us.

The people who never even bothered to wear masks ever since the pandemic started have now started to wear masks that I never even knew they had. They made sure to kept distance from our home but they sure couldn’t stop themselves from gathering around each other to talk about us.

I just find it so ironic and unfair how my family seems to have been the only one to be very careful and cautious in this entire neighborhood and yet we were the ones to get the coronavirus.

Not that I wish for this to happen to anyone but we were the only ones wearing masks ever since this pandemic started. We constantly disinfect our things, our home and our groceries. We followed through social distancing and washed our hands constantly. I just don’t understand how and why this came to be.

Our family has never really been close to our neighbors. Ever since then we weren’t really the type to go outside and interact with them but whenever they need something like “loaning” for money that they never seem to pay back, we’d help them nonetheless. It’s just disappointing to see that now our family is in need, they couldn’t even give us their time of day.. except for one person.

Ever since we started being monitored and home quarantined, we weren’t allowed to go outside so it was hard for us to get supplies. We relied on our family friends to give us food, disinfectants and other necessities that we need. It was so embarrassing to bother them but we had no choice.

One of the most unexpected people that came to help us was Ate Marcel. She’s our neighbor, a single mother of two. I used to play with her kids back then. Let’s just say that she’s less fortunate than most but she always wore a smile and has always been kind.

When others were afraid to go near our house, she stopped by our gate to give us lemons that she grew herself. She said that it would give us the vitamins that we needed. She asked Tita Peng how all of us were doing and told us to contact her whenever we needed something.

It’s amazing how someone like her could offer to help us when others who are more fortunate than her couldn’t even spare us anything. Her kind gesture made Tita Peng cry. It really meant a lot to our family.

The next day she went to the market to buy us some meat and fish as per my aunt’s favor because we were running out of things to cook and eat. I don’t even know where she got the money. We couldn’t give her any because we might transmit the virus through it.

On the day that I was about to be brought to the Covid facility, I got my period and I didn’t have any pads. Our family friends weren’t able to immediately send me some right before I got transferred. I was anxious to go outside of my home while I was bleeding but Ate Maricel immediately came to the rescue so I was able to go to the facility worry free.

What she did for our family really left an impact on me. It warms my heart to know that there are still people like her who will lend a helping hand no matter what. She may have done us small favors but for someone who doesn’t have much of anything, it must’ve took her a lot to help us and I appreciate it so much.

I swear when all of this is over, we’ll help and give back to her tenfold.

It’s always heartwarming to see people helping other people but it’s different when you’re on the receiving end. It’s an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, such a small thing can really make a world of a difference.

I’ll never forget her act of kindness towards my family during a time when we needed someone the most. I wish people were more like her. The world needs people like her right now.

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