My Family And I Got Tested For Covid-19

I didn’t really want to write about this because it is still a fresh wound that I have yet to heal from but i’m going to do it anyway. Why? Because i’m honestly going out of my mind and I really need an outlet. I need to let it out of my chest.

My aunt tested positive for Covid-19 and my whole family is now under monitoring.

To give you a back story on this, My aunt is a front-liner. She has been working ever since the government finally allowed its employees to go back to its operations.

We only knew that she had a fever when my family and I had a late celebration for my birthday. It wasn’t anything serious at first but Tita Peng, who is my other aunt and my main guardian, made sure that she wore a mask and that she kept her distance from all of us excluding her husband.

After the celebration, Tita Peng was still paranoid about my aunt’s symptoms so she convinced uncle to get her tested and so they did. We waited about a week for the result and that’s when we found out that she was Covid-19 positive. During the waiting period, we strictly quarantined ourselves inside our home.

Later on the day that we found out about the news, an ambulance came to pick us up to get tested in the facility. They made us bring clothes and other necessities claiming that we’ll be staying there which we did not expect at all. All six of us went to the facility: my two cousins, their dad (my uncle), Tita Peng (my guardian), my brother and I. It was my first time being inside an ambulance. It made me so anxious.

When we were got there, no one approached us or told us to go anywhere. We were left to sit and wait on a discarded wooden bed frame that was in front of the facility.

Tita Peng had to roam around the place to look for someone that could help us. We saw a lot of people wearing masks walking around the area. When I went to look for a bathroom, I saw people washing their clothes in there. I saw a lot of people looking at us too.

It turns out that those people were Covid-19 patients and they were allowed to roam around the facility which I think was because no one was really looking after them. We were horrified.

When Tita Peng finally managed to find a doctor, they told us that we were meant to be tested the next day and that the ambulance mistakenly picked us up so instead, they wanted us to stay the night.

My uncle got really mad when he saw the covid-19 patient who was in the same batch with his wife that tested positive, walking around the facility without a care in the world. Tita Peng and uncle argued with the doctor because of it.

We were scared that we might get infected right before the swab test just because we stayed the night inside the facility. Eventually, the doctor finally allowed us to home quarantine for the night and during the waiting period of our test results.

The next day, we were picked up by the ambulance again finally for the actual swab test. There were a lot of people there of various ages. I stood in line for the swab test along with my family. Little kids were in front of me playing with each other. I observed them while waiting. They didn’t know how serious the situation was. It made me jealous but worried for them.

Then, my aunt’s family arrived. Her mom, sisters, and nephews came to the facility. They had to get tested too since they were a close contact of my aunt as well. It was a shame that both sides of our family had to meet again in this way.

I had problems getting tested at first because for some reason they had lost my records so I had to be interviewed all over again about my identity and symptoms. It took me a few hours and 2-3 nurses to bother and ask about my swab test because I was the only one in my family who hasn’t been tested yet.

Anyway, the test itself is quite fast and simple. They just stick this long and thin cotton bud in your nose and another one in your throat. It was a bit uncomfortable but I just wanted to get it over with at this point. We were the last family who was brought back home by the ambulance.

The nurses were a bit rude but it’s okay because I know that they were just tired and stressed. I was still very grateful for their service. I know they were doing their best.

Right now, my whole family is under strict home quarantine and we are being monitored by our barangay officials. We stay in our own rooms, we wear masks inside our home, and we try our best to follow social distancing despite the small space.

It’s just sad how we still feel so unsafe inside our own home, and feeling paranoid every time we touch something. It has only been days and I’ve used too many tissues for disinfecting every time I touch something. I’ve used alcohol and washed my hands way too many times than I could count.

I honestly don’t know what to do, think, and feel at this point. We stayed at home; we all wore masks; we always disinfect our home, our things, and our groceries; we practiced social distancing. We did everything right and yet, this still happened to my family.

We’re waiting for our test results which will probably arrive in a week. I am asking for your prayers, my dear readers. I know you don’t know me and my family personally in any way but please include us in your prayers.

(Post written: August 9, 2020)

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  1. I’m sorry about your ordeal. I hope your family is well by now and not having to undergo any more testing. My prayers are with you and continue to be.

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