I Made One Poem A Day

It was last month that I decided to practice writing poems. I wanted to improve the way that I expressed myself with an artistic way of using words but I just didn’t know how.

I decided to enroll myself in this online poetry workshop on Coursera. Although it did give me a lot of pointers and techniques, the application of such lessons is a whole other story.

It was very frustrating but I didn’t want to give up so easily. I was reminded by the concept of “Growth mindset” which basically means that having a mindset or belief about attaining improvement with constant practice and effort.

So that is how I became determined in challenging myself to write one poem a day for 20 days. I got this poetry prompt from Pinterest and started writing away!

I couldn’t bring myself to post my poetry prompts here on WordPress because frankly, I don’t think they’re good enough YET for me to put on here on my blog but feel free to check them out on my twitter account (@TBAWallflower)

I’ll have to admit that some of the poems I wrote were not my best. However, i’ll still give myself credit for it because it’s still important for me to make writing a habit. I’ll also have to confess that some of the poems in that thread were made to be potential song lyrics but I won’t tell you what entry it was because it’s a little embarrassing on my part! Haha!

Anyway, here are my favorites on my Poetry Thread/ Challenge:

If you ever decided to check my poetry thread, please let me know what poem was your favorite! It would be a big help in improving my writing.

Also, comment down below any word and I’ll write a poem about it. I’d prefer you send me an abstract word but anything is fine! This will help me practice! ☺️

I’ll continue to write more poems on my twitter account so feel free to follow me there if you’d like. I’ll try posting poems here on my blog too.. We’ll see!

Thanks for reading! xx

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