10 Positive Affirmations: Project Self-Love Entry #7

You become what you tell yourself. Eventually, others will believe it too. In my case, I figured that if I could tell myself a lot of negative things and manifest it, why not tell myself positive affirmations and manifest that instead? I wished that I knew this way in the past but it is never too late to change what I can tell myself.

  • I am amazed by how dedicated I am to improve myself
  • I believe that I am beautiful and that’s all that matters
  • I am a precious person to myself and to the people I love, and I deserve to be taken care off
  • I can do anything that I put my mind into
  • I am compassionate, kind and honest to myself and to others
  • I am strong on my own and I become stronger with the people I surround myself with
  • I am blessed and talented, and people will see it
  • I am passionate and a hard-worker, people would be lucky to have me
  • I will choose to let go of the negativity for I am in control
  • I am fierce and confident, ready to take on any challenge

I’ll have to admit that writing these down may seem a little bit cheesy and it made me feel a bit funny. But then again, I would rather tell this to myself and uplift my spirit than consistently speaking negativity and weighing down my own wings.

I think i’m at that point where i’m finally seeing that I do have a choice on how I will treat myself, and i’m glad that i’m slowly accepting who I am. Because at the end of the day, I only have myself and I should be cheering for me, not against me.

To my readers, I hope you’d also give yourself the affirmation that you need today and every day because you deserve it.

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