People Change And Then They Grow Apart

Have you ever had a friend whom you’ve had a great relationship with until it wasn’t anymore? I think I just experienced my first “falling out” with a friend who used to be very dear to me.

This wasn’t like the kind of experience when you were young and you just stopped being friends with someone for no particular reason, but it’s okay since there wasn’t necessarily that much depth in your relationship.

But this one.. this one was different, for me at least. This was a person who I met now that I am older and have put great value on friendships. This was a person whom I bore my heart and soul to, whom I met up late at night just to talk freely about anything that passed by our thoughts, and this was a person whom I experienced great struggle with.

I have always took pride in keeping myself to a tight knit group of friends whom I trust and whom I am completely comfortable with. I only choose to be friends with people who I can see myself being with for a long time.

And for most of my life, I have been right with the people I let in. At the time, that person was the right one too but I guess people change and then they grow apart.

For months, I had a difficult time accepting this. I kept thinking about how and where things went wrong. In my head, I kept blaming that person for a lot of things that happened.

Still, I’d keep convincing myself that I should learn to forgive and forget because I owe it to our friendship, history and all of the people who will be affected by this, to keep trying and to get things back to the way it was.

It even got to a point that being with this person didn’t make me feel good about myself anymore. It only got worse every time we were together. I’d always end up feeling bad about burying the situation when I wasn’t completely okay with it and acting as if I was.

After months of space and no contact, I finally reached the realization that i’m better off not interacting with that person anymore. Now looking at the situation with no ill feelings, I can see that we’ve simply just grew apart.

I became more sensitive while that person remained to be satirical. We’ve grown to have different beliefs, views, humor and attitude, and I have come to accept the fact that it’s okay.

It was hard to let go of a person who was very dear to me. But the fact is, being friends with someone shouldn’t be constant struggle because friends should be there to help and support you.

I don’t think there will be an appropriate advice to let go of someone you love. I think it will all depend on you, on when you’ll be able to accept that this person isn’t helping you grow anymore and finally deciding to prioritize yourself and your own growth.

Who knows? Maybe years from now, we’ll meet again and be in the same wavelength like the way we used to. But for now, I think growing apart is the best option for the both of us, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

21 thoughts on “People Change And Then They Grow Apart”

    1. I agree! for a long time I tried so hard to resist but sometimes the best thing to do is let things go. Thanks for your support and sharing your thoughts on this! I appreciate it a lot ❤️


  1. I think most of us might have faced such a person in life, because I surely have faced many such people.
    Fen, I think your decision of growing apart was the right thing to do. I’ve faced these people too, and I did the same. The moment you realise they’re toxic or not the same person anymore, you should take the right step. I support you and I’m there if you need someone to talk to. I’m saying this as a friend.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kamya! It has been such a difficult time for me. It’s hard drifting away from a person you’d think would be with you for a long time but after I made such decision I have come to realize that things are better this way for the both of us. Thanks again for your support. I hope things are doing well for you too!

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      1. I can understand. You’re most welcome!
        Well, things are going pretty well for me and I’m learning a lot. I’m happy with my progress and my social life. Thanks for asking!

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  2. I’ve grown apart from many few of my friends from secondary school because we don’t share the same views on things but we hit each other up once in a while. The growing apart was painful but you’ll come to realize you can’t do anything about it but just live with it and that’s okay.

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    1. I agree. It’s always hard to part with someone who has been a part of your life but sometimes it’s for the best. Glad that you were able to come to terms with this! Thanks for reading and sharing!

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    1. Thanks for the support! Maybe some people are just meant to stay in our lives for a little while. I’m sure we’ll find better friends who are meant to stay for the long run. Good luck to you! xo

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  3. Aww I’m really sorry for the loss of your friendship and I hope one day if it’s meant to be, you two can repair it and get back what you used to have. I’ve definitely been through this before too and it hurts very much and leaves a lot of questions. If you have tried as much as you can, then you did your best and let fate take over now. Sending you love ❤

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  4. You seriously put my experience and thoughts into words. I have been struggling with almost the exact situation for months and I feel you, it sucks. Thank you for this post it really helped me feel that I am not alone!

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    1. It really has been difficult but I guess with time we’ll be able to completely accept and move on from such experience. I’m glad that my words were able to reach out to you, Elizabeth. Thank you for your kind words. It’s really comforting to hear that i’m not alone in this as well. I hope everything works out for you!! ❤️

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