Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like I’m Doing Enough

Recently, I’ve been very determined to be productive each day, not that I haven’t been already. After reading this book about habit building, I realized that I don’t have a systematize way of doing things that I really need to do that I sometimes end up wasting my time succumbing to bad habits.

A book helped me make sure to accomplish certain tasks each day such as exercising, meditating, writing articles, taking up online courses, reading books and many more.

Despite being able to do such things, there are times that I still feel like i’m not doing enough. It even makes me feel lacking even though I am using this time to actively seek self-development by indulging in things i’m interested in.

I think it all boils down to me not earning money like i’m supposed to be doing by now. It’s as if all my efforts have no value if there’s no money being saved in the bank account. It has been my constant stressor for months.

I’ve already talked about this on my other post and I have already reflected on this but I guess I end up losing my way still.

I have to keep reminding myself that everything is okay and that I am doing enough because I really am doing my best to better myself in many ways despite being jobless.

It’s just that I’ve gotten used to pressuring myself and thinking about how I should keep up with society’s standards, or that I should hustle no matter what because people are made to be resilient.

I think this way of thinking has been deeply ingrained in all of our beliefs. No matter how much we tell ourselves that it’s okay, the societal pressure will always be there, and that’s just another thing that we can’t control.

However, what I try to do about this is to refocus on things that I can control. In my case, doing small habits like exercising and writing may be minute habits on the day to day but it will be beneficial in the long haul.

Meditating, for one, has been helping me tremendously! I’ve been doing it for two weeks now but focusing on my breathing has helped my overthinking-self calm down a lot. I’m slowly learning to train my mind to go back to the present whenever it tends to wander around and think about negative things.

Journaling has been a great reminder too! Like writing this entry, for example, has helped me to self-reflect. Writing about my personal experiences helps me to see the positive side of the situation too and not just the problem itself which is a total game-changer!

Anyway, It sucks when my own thoughts are usually my worst enemy, but i’m learning that shifting the way I think can also be my best ally.

Whenever you tend to look too far into the future or worry too much about the present (like me), try to think about the grand scheme of things because it will point to the things that that really matters to you, and I think that’s what life should be about and what should really matter.

Hi, Reader!

I’ll have to admit that this isn’t my best work but I tried writing freely and I didn’t really think much about it. I wanted to release pressure on myself from writing a “perfect” blog post. I hope I got my point across!

Do you feel like you’re not doing enough this quarantine too? Let me know your thoughts!

15 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like I’m Doing Enough”

  1. After reading the title of this post I was like “Me too😭”

    The problem is we think every other person is doing better than us. And it doesn’t go away easily so we have to deal with it.

    And this article is honest which is much better than perfect 😉

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    1. Glad that you were able to relate! Yes, I still have a lot to work on myself.

      It’s hard to compare ourselves to others but I think as long as we try to do our best, we’ll be just fine.

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts on this! It means a lot to me! ❤

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    1. Yes! I’ve been trying meditation and it helps me a lot too! It definitely made me feel a lot calmer and present. Glad it worked out for you as well 🙂

      Thanks for reading and sharing! ❤

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  2. Nothing is more important than you. Your happiness and your mental health. Because if you don’t have that then you’re no help to others. Happiness and contentment out weighs money and success every time 😀

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