Educate Yourself And Sign Petitions!

A lot of things have been going on these past few weeks and it has been so overwhelming. There are days where I wake up and check my phone, I can’t help but tear up from the news I’d see in my timeline. I really wanted to write a head strong article about such topics but it just breaks my heart so much that it leaves me speechless so I decided to just write out what I can.

I think all of you know by now about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I’m sure you see it everywhere across all social media platforms. I don’t really know what it’s like to live in the US let alone knowing what it’s like to be black in a country with deep-rooted racism. But what I do know is how no matter the color of anyone’s skin, no one deserves to be treated badly and to live in fear the way black people do.

I’ve been signing a lot of petitions and I would like all of you to join me. Here is the link where you can help in any way you can. This also contains resources where you can learn more about the movement!

I saw this video on twitter and I thought it was thought provoking. I urge you to watch it.

Meanwhile, here in the Philippines, the Anti-Terrorism Bill has been passed which basically allows the government to determine what constitutes as an act of terrorism, who are terrorists, and what to do to these individuals.

Mind you this bill was immediately passed by the government yet they do not act on mass testing and the franchising of ABS-CBN, one of the Philippines’ biggest media channels. This bill was immediately addressed faster than the required breakdown of fees of the Php 275 Billion (and more) that left the Philippines in loans for the future generations to pay.

Protests are starting here in the Philippines despite the rising number of Covid-19 cases. Please help us #JunkTerrorBill and sign petitions! You can learn more about the topic here.

I would also like to remind people that this isn’t the time to pit issues against each other. All of these issues are important and deserves to be heard and addressed. Educate and encourage others to speak out regarding many issues instead of shaming them. We need to unite against the real enemy here!

To all the protesters who are fearlessly walking the streets to fight for an important cause whether they may be from the US, Hong Kong, Philippines and all the other parts of the world, I am constantly praying for your safety.

I would like to end this article to remind people the names of George Floyd and Kian de los Santos, who are both kind and beautiful souls that deserved so much more. You will never be forgotten. This fight is for you and all the other gentle souls that passed.

No justice, No peace!

My dear readers, I won’t be posting for now. It just doesn’t feel right to do so. I hope you understand. Please read and sign the petitions! It only takes seconds! Stay safe.