5 Physical Features I Love About Myself: Project Self-Love #2


I’ve always been a shy and quiet person simply because I don’t have any words to say, and other times I just don’t want to be heard even when I have to be. Whenever words tend to escape my mouth, my eyes express everything that I want to say.

Wearing my heart out on my sleeve is both my strength and my weakness. It makes me incapable of lying but at the same time, I love how it shows my honesty and sincerity. You’ll just know it’s real, and I believe it’s one of the reasons why I attract people who are real.


I’ll have to admit that I don’t always love my stomach. It’s hard not to hate it when it doesn’t look the same as those beautiful models you usually see. As much as I tried to fit into the mold set by societal standards and still remain unsuccessful, I love how I became physically and mentally stronger by doing daily exercises.

It didn’t matter whether my tummy looked big and bloated at times. What matters is that I know I have strength from the muscles I gained that’s hidden behind a somewhat fluffy exterior. It’s kinda fitting considering my personality actually. This tummy is cute and strong, and it’s all mine!


I actually have a big appreciation for my legs mainly because this pair is the one that walked me through my journey in every destination I’ve been, that’s why I got my bulky calves. My chubby thighs, on the other hand, were born from sitting down all day due to rigorous studying while eating a lot of fast food to save time from cooking. It’s a product of blood, sweat and tears, I tell you!

Still, my legs manage to look as sexy as ever, in my eyes at least. And I will continue to love my them because I know these legs will take me to more fun and exciting places in the future.


I make sure I stay hydrated by checking my lips, whether it’s cracked or plump. I find it important to keep my body hydrated and healthy at all times. So having plump lips not only makes me feel healthy, but it also makes me feel voluptuous in a way.

After all, having soft and full lips can be appealing. And i’ll have to admit that I feel confident from the thought of taking care of myself and looking attractive. How could I not?

Collar bone

I know my collar bone isn’t really defined compared to skinny girls you typically see online but for some reason I just have this weird admiration for it. When it comes to styling clothes I make sure to find clothing that exposes my collar bone. There’s just something about it that’s sexy without having to reveal much of anything or maybe that’s just me haha!

Let’s just say that I like the mystery that it portrays and the confidence I get from it.

Photos shown in the collage are of me. To be honest, I was a bit nervous of showing literal parts of me. But now that I take a moment to look at myself in a third person’s perspective, I’ll have to admit that at one point I thought to myself, “huh? It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?”

I think I just made my heart flutter haha! I guess that’s what this Project Self-Love is all about.

You can also check out my first entry here wherein I talked about 10 things that I’m good at.

Hi, Reader! It’s your turn to tell me 5 physical features you love about yourself! I would love to know. xx

21 thoughts on “5 Physical Features I Love About Myself: Project Self-Love #2”

      1. Yes, I can imagine, Fen. I was a teacher for 35 years and during this long working career I met a lot of young women (girls) with insecurities. Ofthen they were very beautiful girls and I always wondered why they were so shy. Maybe youth makes insecure?

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      2. That’s so unfortunate. I can’t speak on their behalf but for me, I think it’s because I have yet to really get to know myself fully, and to accept all of my flaws and acknowledge my accomplishments. It’s pretty hard to do that when you’re brought up in an environment where confidence is considered as being boastful. I guess you can say that it takes time to unlearn all of those toxic beliefs.

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      3. I guess I just got used to discrediting myself. It’s a habit i’m trying to remove which is why I made these self-love posts as a reminder. It’s all about making an effort after all.

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  1. Do you know Isabel Preysler? This beautiful lady – she is 69 now – was born and grew up in the Philippines, like you; She moved to Spain where she has been living for the rest of her life. She is a beautiful lady, with beautiful daughters and sons, very sure of herself. I think, we can all study how to be self-confident by learning from Isabel Preysler.


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