10 Things I’m Good At: Project Self-Love Entry #1

You don’t know how many times I kept on delaying myself on writing this entry. The delay was mainly because it made me feel weird to be writing about things that i’m apparently “good” at that was not validated by anyone but myself. And I don’t in any way want to seem narcissistic by bragging about these certain “skills”.

Tonight, as I write this, I decided to fuck it. The point is that I should be proud of it, right? Then, I might as well own it. Let me have this moment to acknowledge my skills and tell you stories about it as an attempt to validate myself (haha)

1. What are 10 things you’re good at?


I’ve been singing since I was 4 years old when my mom bought a karaoke machine for me and I completely fell in love with it. That’s why I joined the glee and band club in high school where I mostly sang church songs and did occasional band performances.

Sadly, I didn’t participate much in the singing group I joined in college but I was a part of a musical once and sang the jingles for our class’ marketing campaigns which was played for the whole batch to hear.

I have a good singing voice and I do imitate some artists from time to time but I am VERY shy whenever I sing or whenever someone hears my voice. Though I’ll have to admit that there must be reason why my classmates chose me as the voice of our campaign, and my performance was acknowledged when I participated on the musical.


I don’t think anyone knows this about me but before singing, I was a passionate dancer. I remember dancing all day when I was young despite having no music. My relatives loved my dancing so much that they sometimes give me money to do it when I wasn’t feeling it (that sentence sounds so weird lol but it’s wholesome, I promise).

Other than my performance at the musical, I only danced at the comfort of my home and learning K-Pop choreos (as embarrassing as it is) but I swear to you I can move, hunny! hahaha

This was taken from the musical I was a part of. That’s me in the picture in case you haven’t noticed yet with the circle and arrow hahaha!


I was a part of the theater club back in high school and did one performance back then. I took it more seriously in college when I joined a theater organization. I acted on minor roles at first until I earned my major acting roles.

It was the proudest I’ve ever been. It was the first time I openly wanted something, worked hard for it and achieved it. This experience ultimately changed my perspective on life.

Acting has helped me be free from my shell and be more confident and committed to what i’m doing. I’ll never forget how my seniors commended my acting saying they almost didn’t recognize me. It was the biggest compliment that I’ve ever got.

This was the first ever major role that I played. It was a tragic story so it was difficult to cry on command. I learned that feeling for the character is the only way to do it, and I was able to do it.

It was through this role that I understood what they meant about characterization and fully internalizing your character. I rehearsed for this role so hard I ran through my lines all day and night. Needless to say, it was all worth it.
The second major role I played was a butch lesbian which was very challenging since I had to be creative with my mannerisms. Contrary to the first one, the genre of the play was dark comedy so I had to get over my fear of being laughed at. In the end, I got to have fun with the role, as you can see from the photo.


I know that the above skills that I’ve mentioned literally falls under the category of performing but for me, there’s a huge difference between simply singing or dancing and performing. For me, performing is larger than life, and you extend this world to your audience through an artistic expression showing them a kind of passion, strength and vulnerability that only you can do.

I’m proud to say that I’ve performed a number of times now and did a splendid job. It takes skill and commitment in focusing on a performance, internalizing a specific character and leaving my usual shy self. Despite the difficulty, it’s actually freeing in a way.

I once did a spoken word poetry for my literature class and it was the first time I was able to let go and be commit to the character. My professor was so shocked and amazed that she complimented me in front of my classmates and spoke to me after class saying that she didn’t expect such a performance from a quiet student. I was so proud of myself then. That’s where it all started.

I did Repetition by Phil Kaye, if you’re wondering. It’s a beautiful poem.


I’ve always had a passion for writing as well. I started of with joining the journalism club in high school and publishing my poems in the school magazine. As for college, I’ve mostly written scripts varying from TV, theater, radio and film scripts for various productions.

I was mostly put in those writer positions because ever since I won an award for best script from an organization competition, everyone just assumed that I can write any script there is. It definitely forced me to learn and write which I initially hated but looking back on it now, I’m pretty amazing for learning all of that and not backing down with whatever task they throw at me, like damn! At least now, I have a loaded portfolio haha! You reap what you sow, people!

Choosing Friends

I’ve always been the type of person who chooses to be a part of a small group of tight knit friends. I’m very particular with the people who I’m around with. I’ve always believed that I have a good sense in telling a person’s character, and I think it’s because of that I’m able to have deep and long lasting friendships with the right people.

My friends are not perfect. They can be annoying and a bit insensitive at times but they have all the necessary qualities that makes a good friend and I don’t want it any other way.

Accomplishing Tasks

Being a theater kid helped me learn to have a “never say no” attitude. I am determined to get things done no matter the circumstance especially when it’s a matter of urgency. In my organization, we were taught the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way. If not, there’s always a reason”.

I think that’s why i’m so good at accomplishing whatever a task that is handed to me. It’s a kind of attitude that you only get to learn with talented and hard working people and I’m blessed enough to have that kind of learning experience

Emotional Intelligence

I always make it a habit to feel for others, that’s just the way that I was brought up. I believe that having emotional intelligence is necessary in life because it’s the only way you’re able to understand people and form meaningful relationships with them.

It has definitely helped me establish good and healthy friendship with my friends, and that’s how we were able to grow together and i’m very lucky for that. On another note, having empathy makes me cry while watching movies be it tragic or heartwarming. I can’t help it!


I’ve always been a very diligent because that’s what my mom has always wanted me to be. I’ve been a consistent honor student throughout high school and a Dean’s Lister in college though it was unfortunate that I didn’t get the Cum Laude title. Still, I consider myself good at studying because it requires a lot of patience and discipline that not all people have.

I mean I was only .04 points away from graduating with honors but hey, I did all that studying while being a theater kid in college. Try memorizing a 40 page script while studying for an exam the next day. Not everyone can manage all of that workload! I’ll still give myself some credit!

Giving Advice

Despite being the youngest among my group of friends, I’ve always been the one who they come to when it comes to advice and comfort partly because I know how to empathize with them, of course. That’s mostly why I believe that I’m wise for my age, though i’ll have to admit that I still have a lot to learn and experience for myself.

A big reason why I created this blog was to record my reflections and to keep track on life lessons whenever I sometimes lose my way. I am hopeful that it would be helpful with my readers too!

So here goes my 1st journal prompt entry! You guys don’t know how hard I tried not to be self-depricating and I really resisted the urge to use funny gifs as a defense mechanism by making it seem like I was joking (like I usually do).

I did my best to be confident and to be proud of myself in writing this. Looking at this list now, I never realized how much I’ve achieved in such a short time and how talented I actually am. I never understood why I’ve always thought I was lacking when I accomplished more that I thought I could. I should definitely give myself more credit than this.

I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much! But yeah, this is all me and I will learn to be proud of it wholly! I can’t wait to share more things with all of you! xx

How about you, Reader? What are 10 things you’re good at? Let’s celebrate each other!

18 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Good At: Project Self-Love Entry #1”

  1. Hey Fenichi, I nominated you for an award. You can go to my blog to see it. Some people didn’t get the notifications so I just let everyone know in case they didn’t see it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is completely fabulous. You should
    never feel shy about your strengths or what you’re good at! Toot your horn girl. People should be more proud of themselves for their good qualities and achievements! ❤

    I grew up doing theatre and dance too 😉 we are so similar!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Normally I would just shy away from this kind of compliment hahaha but thank you so much! I’m still struggling to be confident but I’ll get there soon. I appreciate your kind words! It helps me a lot 🙂

      Really? That’s so cool! There will always be something special about theater kids! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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