Love Is The Sixth Sense

I want it all
lips that kiss
with need and haste,
flavor of love
and an after taste
Eyes that see
my whole being
nude and naked
the gentle soul, and
the soft curved vessel
a timeless art piece,
never jaded
Ears that listen
every whisper and gasp
valued thoughts,
unspoken words
all in depths of memory
with nothing passed
Nose that smell
Taking me all in
sighs and deep breaths,
the scent of home,
the aroma of intimacy
definite solace at crest
Hands that touch
a pair for duality,
the perfect contrast
one to caress
for ease and warmth
one to pleasure
all consuming and giving
taking every breath,
pure serendipity
I'll have it all
when the heart awakens
love in all forms,
the same familiar intensity
unlocking all the gates
flooding the halls
rushing through
every vein, every muscle
electrifying the mind, body, soul
the passion I once lost

I'll have it all
One day, for sure

I’ve been reading a lot of romance books this quarantine. And to be honest, it made me think about my love life – or lack thereof. I can’t help but daydream of what I’ve been missing. Who knew my hopeless romantic side would resurface back from the grave? haha!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a poem. I’m not as confident as I used to but I would love to hear your thoughts! xx

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