Don’t Believe What You See On Social Media

Have you ever wondered why other people’s lives are so full of smiles and enjoyment whenever we go to social media? I have. I’ve gotten used to comparing myself to my peers thinking about why my life is so different from theirs that, I’ll have to admit, caused a lot of damage on my self-esteem.

It’s hard not feel bad about yourself when you see your friends dangling their stable jobs, romantic relationships and every other thing that you don’t have in your life right in front of you. I tried my best to take a step away from social media because of this, and I find myself breaking out of the illusion altogether.

The happiness displayed in most social media posts is drastically different from the reality behind it. Just because a group of friends always post pictures of them together doesn’t mean that they don’t occasionally stab each other in the back, and a couple who often shares their old romantic memories could also be an attempt to revive what they used to have. Questioning the motivation behind such posts is necessary, for me at least, because it brings you back to the truth of imperfection.

Sure, there may be people who are genuine with what they post but then again, must we must publicly share every little update in our lives? or is it only to gain satisfaction from the likes of our peers?

People have subconsciously correlated such likes and reactions as some sort of approval which fosters a culture that is dependent on validation of others instead of seeking self-fulfillment. It’s almost as if life events and other accomplishments don’t count if not shared with everyone you know or if it didn’t garner enough interaction.

Social media has become an illusion making factory where society acknowledges those who make the perfect fantasy. I’ll admit that I have been a part of this kind of system. But as much as I try to disassociate myself by uninstalling all of my social media applications, doing so has made me unexpectedly lonely and irresponsible.

The incorporation of social media in schools and work has made it impossible to leave it entirely since erasing all social media accounts is almost the same as erasing your entire existence. It’s like being trapped in a social sphere with no permanent way out.

Despite all the benefits the modern world has received from it, I can’t help but wishing to live during the simpler times when people met organically, had the courage to talk to each other face to face and genuinely ask the other on how they’re doing.

However, I’m glad that there are still safe spaces on the internet like blogs here on WordPress where people are still able to share their thoughts and emotions in the most honest and unfiltered way possible. It goes to show that despite being flooded with every kind of illusion, there are still real and genuine content. We just have to choose better and look closer at the content that we want to see.

Hi, Reader! What are your thoughts on social media? I’m curious. It’s hard trying to stay away from social media especially at this time of quarantine but i’m doing it to maintain my mental health. I hope you’re doing well! x

Love, Fenichi

15 thoughts on “Don’t Believe What You See On Social Media”

  1. We, the humans, have come a long way. A means of “Communication” to a “Cruel way of showing off”. Well, there’s a solution to this, since we cannot ask peeps to just shut down their social media usage, we can actually take their lifestyle as a challenge, and be on the top of the chain. This can certainly act as a confidence booster when you have to drag those study hours to two-digits. Keep up the amazing writeups!

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    1. Interesting take on this! I do believe that usage of social media can be a confidence booster especially when recognized by peers. But for me, as a young adult, I’ll admit that I have yet to fully grasp and develop this mature mindset you spoke of. Thank you for sharing! You gave me many things to ponder on regarding this topic!

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  2. What jumped out at me in your post more than anything else was this line – ‘I can’t help but wishing to live during the simpler times when people met organically, had the courage to talk to each other face to face and genuinely ask the other on how they’re doing.’

    I can remember those times well and sometimes wish I could back in my life to experience them again. In the days before the internet and social media, we had to go out to meet other people. Instead of standing in a pub or sitting down in a restaurant where everyone is looking down at a screen, people actually talked, laughed and had a great time.

    Social media destroyed much of this, but in current times I know many of us could not live without it.

    I realised my mistake a few years ago when I had far too many social media accounts and spread myself thinly across them. It became too overwhelming. Now I stick to just two social media accounts and only give them a certain amount of time each day before I go back to real life.

    BTW – I found your post on Twitter, so got here from there. In this case, social media worked for the right reason.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! It’s harder to establish genuine relationships and create lasting memories with gadgets and social media on the way. I can only imagine what life is like without it. Thanks for taking the time to come from twitter and reading my entry! I appreciate it a lot! πŸ’•

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  3. So true! I love to stay honest and real on social media. I love people who do the same. I have met so much beautiful beautiful friends in communities and on here πŸ’– For that I’m grateful. I also compare myself sometimes way too much with others online but then I remind myself that isn’t real what we see

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    1. It’s always nice to meet people online who are genuine and honest. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I don’t know how but you can just tell that they are real about themselves and I love and respect that a lot! Anyway, Thanks for sharing! πŸ’•

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  4. This is my favourite topic lol

    The part about “Group of friends” posting pictures together is so true. I personally no such group which in reality had fucked up relationships with each other.

    This is relatable on so many levels.

    I recently took a small break from social media. Because it’s getting overwhelming as so many people are online this days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    By the way, I’ve written a long article on same topic long back.

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    1. Glad you liked it! I agree, social media has gotten crowded and even a bit toxic these past few weeks. It’s good to step away from it from time to time. I’ll give yours a read! Thanks for stopping by ☺️


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