First Job Interview

Ever since I left my first job last year I’ve been applying for a new job that is related to a field that I want. But because of the quarantine, there isn’t much luck for me. I’ve talked about it in my previous life update post in case you wanted to read about that as well.

But anyway, last week I was lucky enough to be scheduled an online interview with one of the biggest multimedia companies here in the Philippines. I was very nervous, of course. I did my best to be prepared with all of the possible interview questions and practiced for hours.. and yet I still manage to blew it.

I won’t go into further details on how I managed to waste such amazing opportunity but to put it simply, the HR didn’t ask any of the common questions I expected to answer. And being in such panic, I wasn’t able to think straight and express myself the way I want to. I wasn’t also comfortable knowing that my family was probably hearing me mess up.

I was mourning this loss of opportunity for days that’s why I missed my posting schedule. I couldn’t stop thinking about it that I often cringe at the sudden flashbacks of the interview that came to mind. I couldn’t even talk to my group of friends about it.

I decided to open up to a dear friend who I knew would empathize with me and make me feel better. We talked for hours. He also shared his worst interview experience and laughed at the dumb stuff we said and did. It made me feel good about myself.

I realized that it’s okay to make mistakes since it was my first time. I needed to fail to know what I can improve on. Yes, it was an amazing opportunity but maybe it wasn’t the right one for me. Another door will open, i’m sure of it.

I guess all I needed was someone who can empathize with what I feel and laugh at my mistakes with me instead of receiving empty words like “that’s okay”. I’ll be fine as long as I have one person that will remind me that i’m not alone in this, and that these kinds of experiences are totally normal. I’ll try to do better next time.

How about you, Reader? Any first job interview experiences you want to share? I would love to hear it! (It’ll make me feel better hahaha!)


12 thoughts on “First Job Interview”

  1. Since it’s a big company, it’s not unexpected that their interview process is harder and more tricky. Don’t think of it as you fail, at least you gain a valuable experience if you ever want to reapply again. I had moments when I just rambled on and on because it was a question I didn’t expected. And when I didn’t get the position, I moped around, are ice cream, binge watch shows. I think you are off to a good start, you reflected on your problem, talked to your bff. Good luck next time

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  2. Oh I remember my first job interview, it was a complete mess. Besides the fact that I messed up the answers during the interview, I forgot to bring a pen. So, when I ask the lady at the reception she annoyingly said “No, you should have brought your own.” I was like “sh*t” lol. So, I was pretty nervous about what I should do, I thought of buying one from a convenience store from the ground level but I was on the 27th floor that would take time and I was worried what if I got called next. So, I sneakily asked the security at the front door if he could let me borrow his for a while (my savior). I didn’t got the job obviously but I’ll remember that lady at the front desk my entire life. Hahahaha

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    1. oh my god that must’ve been so horrifying 😱 hahah job interviews are the worst but you seem to have overcome it. I wonder when i’ll be able to do that but I will! Thanks for sharing ☺️ It cheered me up 💕

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  3. My first interview was a good one though I got rejected (for different reasons).

    But there were multiple interviews after the first one with so many moments I still cringe.

    I even messed up in the one where I got selected.

    But yeah, it’s totally okay to suck. We all do & you’ll learn from this definitely 💯

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    1. Thank you for sharing! I still have a lot to prepare for and I’ll get better with time. Hopefully, i’ll be ready when I apply when things get better with the world! haha Thank you for your kind words! xx


  4. Hi Fen, I am curious, if u can recall what were a couple of the questions they asked that u hadn’t anticipated? I remember a job interview in 12′ in Oklahoma City, yes I live in Oklahoma. I was in the bathroom stall and somehow, don’t know how, I dropped my resume into the toilet. I had to take the elevator down like 15 stories and then run to my car in a nearby parking garage. Luckily, I had left some extra resumes there so I was saved. However, I didn’t get the job as a parole board member. But I did get another job, about 1 1/2 hours away, the same day.

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    1. Honestly, my first interview is kind of a blur to me now. It’s either because I’ve been repressing that memory or because I was so nervous that I was mostly panicking than paying attention (haha!) But from what I remember they asked about my first freelance experience which I did not expect that they were gonna ask. I figured they were gonna ask about my internship and extra-curricular experiences since i’m a fresh graduate so I prepared mostly for that. But anyway, they basically asked about how it was, what I did, what I learned, etc. I messed it up mostly bc I find it hard to express my thoughts concisely and translating all of it into english. I got so flustered because of that😅

      Thank you for sharing! Glad that i’m not the only one who messed up hahaha! ❤️ good for you for getting the other job though!


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