Just Go With The Flow

Because of the quarantine, I find myself loitering at our roof and observing the growing number of kites that I see in the sky. I decided to fly a kite the other day upon the realization that I have never made and flown one before.

Funny enough, I’ve come to a few life reflections while I was on a mission to go kite flying and how similar it is to most situations we face in our lives, as cliche as it may seem.

Constructing the Plan

It’s always a good idea to plan before going for any goals. Take this kite for example, I had to plan how to construct it before I even think of flying it. I had to decide on what materials I should use, the color, the measurements, and the design to make sure that I’d succeed in flying the best damn kite there is.

However, just because I had a concrete plan in making this kite doesn’t mean i’d succeed on the first try. After all, I’m still a first time kite flyer. Sometimes, you have to keep revising your plan according to the areas you need to improve on and the only way to know about that is through failing a bunch of times.

Whether it meant trying to fly a weird contraption that only ends up on the ground again and again, all would be worth it once you see it soar through the wind. Envisioning the goal is the only way that will help you refine your plan no matter how many revision there is.

Sticking to the Resolve

When I brought up the idea, My cousin thought it was childish to fly a kite considering we’re all 20 year olds. Still, I continued to construct my kite despite her protests. I didn’t understand why she was so negative about the whole thing when it could be a fun thing to do.

That’s when I realized that there will always be people who will try to bring me down in whatever I do, even if it is flying a kite. It’s inevitable. If I wanted to have the best kite flying experience of a lifetime, I shouldn’t stop just because my cousin told me that “I was too old for that” or that I “should have something better to do” because only I decide what is fitting for my age or what I want to do.

At the end of the day, only we know what will make us happy and only sticking to it will guarantee the happiness that we desire, no matter what that is.

Going with the Flow

When trying to fly the kite, there were multiple times where I got so disappointed when my poorly constructed kite was easily torn up by the wind, or when it would always nosedive to the ground from being out of balance.

I would blame the wind for being “too strong” or “too weak” whenever I attempted to fly my kite which I now realize, didn’t make any sense at all, because I can’t control the wind and I never will.

In a similar way, we tend to focus on how uncontrollable the situation is when in reality the only thing we can control is ourselves, how we think and react in such situations.

When I decided to stop making reasons for my kite flying failures, I decided to go back to the drawing board and construct kite #4. And after a number of tries and waiting for the perfect wind, there it was. Kite #4 soaring through the wind accompanied by other colorful kites in the sky. I was ecstatic!

Sometimes, the best way we can tackle life is going with where it takes you. Forcing ourselves to the stream of life will only plunge us back to places where we started simply because there is a perfect flow of wind perfect for us to glide through. We only need to be ready when it comes.

When my (other) cousin and I succeeded in flying our kite, we got so excited that everyone in the neighborhood practically heard us screaming as they saw our kite fly up in the sky. A few moments later, we started to see more kites being flown nearby by other neighborhood kids. It was breathtaking.

How about you, Reader? Have you been using this time of quarantine in your favor? What have you been up to recently? I hope that you can find something fun to do within the space of your homes. I surely did. hahaha! Let me know your thoughts. xx


13 thoughts on “Just Go With The Flow”

  1. Super post Fen, I loved how u intertwined the making of a kite with life lessons. That’s so creative. This is the kind of post that really gets my writing juices going. Yes, it has been a while since I have flown a kite. But I always bought the cheap kits, but it was still fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! 😊 I constructed my kite from scraps I found in my house haha! It was a fun learning experience I just had to write about it πŸ’•


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