The In-Between

I am in between possibilities and opportunities 
a coward for risks,
sense of safety for the known
discontentment for what is handed
and pleasured by the earned
I am in between passion and obligation, 
a desire for struggle
bartering fulfilled dreams
or a duty of practicality,
an accomplishment of what must be
I am in a stand-still 
A state of confusion,  
A refusal of choice 
an inability to move forward 
powerless in being my own
I am left behind 
as I let time fly by
wallowing in my own indecisiveness
deaf from counsel
yet I listen to the whispers of worry
keeping me up at night
where I lay arrested in darkness
whilst my mind race through
a constant loop of infinite contingencies
bringing me back to the same place I could not escape
I am in a state of purgatory 
waiting for prayers to guide they way
incapable of acknowledging the responsibility
of decisions only I can make
and what I can be

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